Halloween Garage Decorating Tips and Ideas

Fall is here, and Halloween is not far off. When you’re buying candy, costumes, and decorations don’t forget to pick some things up for your garage. Your garage is almost perfect to use for Halloween: its large garage door is essentially a blank canvas that you can decorate however you want, and the inside can make the perfect party space. Here is how to dress your garage up this Halloween.

Start with the door

Garage doors are large blank spaces where you can hang all sorts of decorations. You can criss-cross it with spider webs, cover it with ghosts, or put up some spooky silhouettes of witches and ghouls. You can even get the windows in on the act by putting creepy messages or scenes in them. You could even turn the entire garage and garage door into a gigantic monster mouth by taping some large teeth to the top and bottom and placing a pair of eyes over the top of the garage door. The door is a perfect place to add some extra decorations to freak out the neighbors this fall.

Turn it into a Halloween party space

Chances are your garage is pretty big once all of the cars and heavy equipment are moved out, especially if you have a two-car garage. Try moving your car onto the street and find some safe alternative spaces to store tools and heavy machinery. Next, bring in a few tables and chairs for guests to sit. Finally, hang some dark colored tarps or blankets over the walls to set the scary mood and make people forget they’re even in a garage. You can seal the deal by putting some fun decorations onto the blankets or tarps and some other spooky decorations at the tables.

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Mini haunted house

You can take some of the same ideas from the party space and use them to make a small-scale haunted house. Mount some blankets or tarps over the main walls, and then hang a few more across parts of the room to create smaller rooms for guests to walk through. You can also create a scary entrance using dark streamers and temporary plywood or paper mache walls to set the mood. Put up some decorations in the separate spaces and get some friends and family involved to make your home everyone’s favorite trick-or-treat destination.

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Words of caution

Make sure that you store all equipment that is moved out to a location where pets and children cannot access them. Don’t use dangerous equipment as decorations or props for costumes either, so maybe move the chainsaw into the basement and go with a plastic scythe if you plan on dressing up. With these ideas, your home is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood!