Keep Your Garage Safe and Secure With a New Smart Opener

It’s almost back-to-school time and life is about to get busier. If the kids will be late for school, there’s no time to turn around and check if you closed the garage door. Kids also need an easy way in the house after school and you want to make sure they got home safely. These problems are easily solved with a new smart garage door opener. After all, it’s the door you use most often in your home; protect it like you would your front door.

There’s a lot to know about smart openers, so we did a little homework for you. Here are the top features to look for in a new garage door mechanism or remote.

Bluetooth vs. Wifi

Wifi enabled garage door openers are the first step in turning your traditional home into a futuristic, fully integrated smart-home. These devices are wired into your existing garage door opener mechanism and then connected to your home wifi via a smartphone app. Benefits go way past being able to open and close the door using your phone. Many models can be integrated seamlessly with existing smart-home devices that power other parts of your home. For example, opening your garage door at night could trigger the lights in your home to turn on.

Bluetooth openers often have simple features but may increase safety since they will pair with your machine via a secure PIN, whereas anyone with access to your wifi might open your garage door on a wifi enabled opener. Bluetooth signals do not travel far, meaning you need to be within 30 feet or so of your garage door to operate it.

Cameras & Security

Wifi-enabled openers have the benefit of pairing with multiple smart-home devices. This gives you the opportunity to add advanced features on top of the basic opening and closing function. Many models offer sensor systems that will alert you if you left the door open by accident. When connected to a smart-home device, you can close your door remotely after you drive away.

Smart-security systems allow you to monitor the most used door in your home. Easy-to-install cameras provide added protection to supervise who is using your garage and when. Combine cameras and remote opening to watch the kids get home safely from school or even allow a delivery to be left in the garage rather than the front porch.

New Lift Technology

If you aren’t a DIYer and don’t feel comfortable wiring in a new opener, have Sears Garage install a brand-new garage door mechanism with fully integrated smart technology. Not only do these openers have all the benefits of add-on versions, but a new system also means a new start for garage maintenance. Quiet-lift models can reduce noise and rattle and weakened belts and old wiring are a thing of the past, keeping your door strong and safe from sudden failure. Don’t forget to check compatibility of any unit to your existing garage door mechanism if you don’t opt for a new system.

There are many options on the market for smart garage door openers, but the benefits are clear for all of them. Make your life easier and your home more secure when you have a smart opener installed by Sears today.

Check out the Craftsman AssureLink™ Belt Drive Opener with Battery Back-Up, our favorite smart opener.