Rainy Day Party Plans – Get Your Garage Party Ready With Extra Hosting Space

Summer is the time of parties! With seasonal celebrations like graduations or the Fourth of July, there’s no shortage of excuses to break out the grill and enjoy the great outdoors. But when the big day comes and a sky full of rain clouds threaten to destroy your well-planned get together, you may wonder what to do. Don’t fret! The solution you’re looking for is right there in your garage.

…Or really, the solution is your garage itself. Although it is one of the largest spaces in your home, people often overlook the possibilities of using a garage as a party space. There is a multitude of benefits to hosting in the garage. It reduces noise within the house when guests, dance floors, and music, or social areas are designated to the garage. You can also use it for your food and drink area, leaving you free from worries of spills and stains.

For many people, prepping a garage for a party won’t take a lot of work. Here are eight simple steps you can take to transform your crowded and dull space into the perfect party room.

  1. Remove anything dangerous or loose that someone might trip over or knock into. This includes paint and chemicals.
  2. If you have open shelving units you prefer to hide, use tarps or large colorful tablecloths to cover them. It can also add a festive ambiance to the room.
  3. Wipe down the walls quickly with a rag and knock down cobwebs from corners. Clean the windows to brighten the space. Don’t forget to sweep and mop the floor too.
  4. Folding tables and chairs are the perfect garage party accessories. They are easy to transport and can be easily stowed away if you want to clear the area for games or dancing. If you don’t own any, ask around. Chances are, your friends will have some.
  5. Add comfort to the space by putting down rugs and providing cushions for guests. Hide unpleasant odors with air fresheners to make guests feel more at home.
  6. Make sure your garage lightbulbs are new and bright. Bring in some additional floor lamps to shed light into the dark corners. This is especially important if you have a windowless garage.
  7. Guests need a reason to stay in the garage after you get them there, so adding entertainment is crucial. Bring the flat screen out, set up speakers for music, or entice them with food and beverages.
  8. These are always optional, but string lights, flowers, banners, artwork, and other accessories can really add excitement to an otherwise dull space. If you want to keep the party alive, consider going the extra mile to decorate your space.

Whether it’s a birthday, book club meeting, or sports watching party, the garage is your answer to a rained-out party. And if the skies suddenly clear up, all you have to do is open the garage door and voilà, your party has moved outdoors. If you need help getting your garage door ready for a party, call Sears for a 20-point safety inspection and tune up.