Tips for Protecting Your Garage in Freezing Temperatures

The garage is an important extension of your home and keeping it in tip-top shape will save you money in the long run.

Auto experts say cold weather can damage vehicles over time, especially when temps dip into the negatives. The same goes for other essentials, like your lawn mower, snow blower — and just about anything else made of metal!

To keep your investments in working order, here are some ways to protect your garage in freezing temperatures:

Start by checking the weather-stripping to make sure there’s a tight seal between the garage door and the opening. If the seal is dry and cracking, it’s time to replace the weather-stripping to avoid any cold drafts. Worn out weather stripping can also cause the garage door to freeze to the ground making leaving the garage impossible. This is an inexpensive repair that can make sure your door is working for seasons to come.

Next, upgrade the heat retention of your garage. Adding an extra layer of defense, like foam board or fiberglass batt insulation to the ceiling and walls, will help keep out the cold. Insulating the garage can be a great investment for your home by helping reduce outside noise and the cost of your utility bills. This is especially important on internal walls. A poorly insulated garage can cause cool air to go directly into your living space.

You might also consider replacing the garage door with a better-insulated model. Steel doors have a broad range of options — from single-layer to three-layer construction insulated with polyurethane. A better-insulated garage door can increase the air temperature from 30 degrees to 42. A much better temperature to keep your car and warm enough to prevent liquids from freezing.

Once the garage is well insulated, you could add a heater to keep a closer eye on the temperature. There are many electric and gas heaters out there to keep your garage warm during frigid temperatures.

A climate-controlled garage can prevent pipes from freezing and even keep your car ice-free for your morning commute! Who doesn’t love that?

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