Turn Your Garage into a Man Cave

How To Turn Your Garage Into a Man Cave

There’s nothing better than kicking back with friends to hang out and watch the game, but if you’re missing a space of your own to truly show your fan colors, you’re missing half the fun. Don’t know where to start? A converted garage can give you all the space you need with all of the convenience of a space to yourself. You can have the man cave of your dreams today when you follow these easy five steps.

Plan It Out

Before you run out to the garage and start moving things, make a plan. Decide whether this will be a permanent change, a temporary change for football season, or a onetime party in the garage. Converting the garage to a permanent man cave will require extra steps, such as insulating the space (we suggest a new insulated garage door), but can be well worth it in the added square footage. You’ll also want to note where electrical outlets are, which can influence the layout of your furniture. Think first of the practical issues, then worry about decorating down the road.

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Clean and Organize

By now, you should know whether everything in the garage just needs moved for the day or needs a new permanent home. Take the time to move things where they need to go, don’t just take boxes from the garage to the basement where they will remain a jumbled pile. When you go through your old stuff, you may find things you didn’t remember you had that can be useful in your new man cave. Invest in organizational systems to keep tools, lawn care, sporting equipment or anything else staying in the garage, out of the way.

Start with as much of a blank space as you can, then clean thoroughly from top to bottom. Knock dirt and cobwebs off the walls with a broom and sweep the entire floor. Don’t forget to give the windows a good wash. Now is the time to inspect for cracks, leaks, and other necessary minor fixes such as new garage door weather stripping.

Be Practical

Before you throw down a rug and order that new pool table, take care of the practical changes your garage will need. For a permanent conversion, it’s likely you will need a new Sears Level 3000 (or above) insulated garage door, walls, or ceiling. For a fully finished look, paint your floors or have a sealed, epoxy floor poured. Upgrade your HVAC, electrical, and plumbing as needed.

For a semi-permanent solution, use window A/C units, humidifiers, and space heaters, but be sure to turn these items off when you leave the garage and move any chemicals far away. If you plan on keeping electronics in the garage, waterproof the window seals and edges of your garage door or anywhere a flood or leak could occur. If you plan on using your garage door as an entrance, now is the perfect time for a garage door inspection and tune-up.

Decorate Your Space

Now that you have a blank canvas, it’s time to make that man cave your own. Paint the walls in your favorite team’s colors. Add area rugs to make it feel less like a garage. Pick out the best recliner or couch and set up your dream entertainment system. It’s now time to pull your pinball machine out of storage or put up shelves and a standing bar to showcase your craft beer collection–whatever makes you stand out. Lighting is also an important part of any decorating project. Add floor lamps and use LED lightbulbs which produce more light and give off less heat than incandescent bulbs.

Secure Your Garage

What would a man cave be without a tv, gaming system, or awesome stereo? If you plan on having expensive items in the garage, a new security system is a must. Garages are historically one of the less secure entry points to a home. Consider upgrading your door to one that cannot be opened from the outside. Get hinges, rollers, and locks inspected and oiled to maintain proper operation and replace weather stripping for a secure seal when the door is closed.

Add a smart opener that alerts you when the door is left open or connect a security camera to your existing smart-home device, so you can make sure no one disturbs the sanctity of your lair. Securing your new man cave is an absolute must.

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Turning your garage into a man cave can be a dream come true and now that dream is closer than ever. If you’re considering a permanent or semi-permanent conversion for your garage, start by calling Sears for a 20-point maintenance check and garage tune-up. We can also help counsel you on the best new technology to keep your investment safe and secure. Turn your garage into a man cave today with the help of Sears Garage.

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