What to Do When Your Garage Door is Off Track

When a garage door comes off its tracks, it can be a simple as a single roller coming loose or as terrifying as your garage door falling over and crashing to the ground. There are many reasons your garage door may have fallen off its track, but the important thing is to stop using it immediately. A single wheel off track can lead to another and another. Garage door panels could become bent or broken. With a minor problem, you may be able to fix it yourself. If it turns into major damage, there’s no choice but to call the pros.

A garage door off its tracks is a hazardous situation no matter what caused it, so caution should always be taken when inspecting the door or mechanism. It’s important to examine your door, however, because without knowing the root of the problem, you won’t be able to get it back on track.

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Remember that one morning you were running late and hit reverse before you had opened the garage door? Even if your door looked fine, you could have done damage to the supports, tracks, or wheels. Wheels slipping off a bent rail is a common cause of garage door slippage. This, in turn, puts more weight on the opposite rail which has the force to warp the rails, causing the garage door to ultimately fail. Sometimes bent rails can be fixed by the homeowner. Watch a lot of YouTube videos before you attempt this. Make sure you have plenty of strong friends to help lift and straighten, and prepare all of your tools ahead of time so the task can be completed efficiently. Know where the springs, cables, rollers, and rails of the door are. Familiarize yourself with the whole mechanism and go in with a game plan.

A garage door could also fail and fall off track due to a snapped lift cord. These are the strong cables on either side of the door that pull your garage door along the track. If one of these snaps and the other is doing all the heavy lifting, the door will go crooked and fall off the rails. Usually, you need a professional to replace this, but some of you may be handy enough to DIY. When in doubt, it’s much better to call in a professional than risk having to pay for a brand new garage door.

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If you do end up calling a professional, don’t worry; you’re in good hands. Sears professionals can fix any problem related to your springs, rollers, cables, hinges, tracks, seals, and openers. The technician will inspect your door, discuss your options and if possible, take immediate action to correct your problem. Garage door problems can be sudden and throw a wrench in your plans, but with same day repair for many problems, Sears can get your garage door and your schedule, back on track.